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KJA's Sonic And Sally Aider Blog 





Kja's Sonic And Sally Aider Blog is A Blog Acclared and Dedicated to Awaring and Inlighting,Revealing,Showing the Sonic Satam and Archie Sonic,Sonic and Sally Coupleship/Antonie and Bunnie Marriage Communities and Sonic Fanship,About what there really doing to thereself in Continuing to Support,Approve and Read the Archie Sonic Comic. How it is Aching and Causing Hurt to there Lives,Heart,Spirit,Mind and the Sonic Satam and Sonic and Sally Coupleship/Marriageship Supporters,Approvers,Lovers ect. Around them.

In This, My Kja's Sonic and Sally Aider Blog I will Alert,Aware and Reveal and Show and being out what I feel that people in the Sonic Satam and Archie Sonic Community our putting themselves through both Spiritual and Mental,and show them just what there Continual Reading of the Archie Sonic Comic is Causing them to Attain and Go Through in Many Emotional and Spiritual Wars with their Heart and Spirit Emotions and Feelings and Mind's and Souls Thoughts and Battles over Things and Going Ons, Actions about the Archie Sonic Comic Acts and Events Taking Place that Goes futher and Asent from the Holy and Pure Sacred Sonic Satam Truth and Cause and Way and Acclaring and Alinement.

Sincerely with Love and Understanding your Sonic Satam and Sonic And Sally Allie and Friend.

KJA - Sonic And Sally Aider

ADDED: September 18, 2008 Thursday - Latenight At 1:03 A.M. (2nd Hour) 


An still We our Wondering In The Night Waiting For The Morning that is already Broke on the Otherside Years Ago Meaning To Get to the Dawn we Must Leave the Night which is Archie's Sonic Comic.

How Long Will it take to Understand with Archie Comics Morning Came and Went After The Sunset of Sonic and Sally's Love/Relationship went North after 2003's Sally Brake up with Sonic,the Year Archie went Creative and All Stupid Ass wild in the Forest going He Ha! on Us.

I myself think that if we Have Sonic satam why do we need the Archie Comic to Continue what Love/Relationship with Sonic and Sally we already got in Sonic Satam? isn't that enough, We Had A Dream Come True Sonic and Sally fall in Love and Kissed On The Lips became A couple, Hell if I Had half the Chance Of A Dream like Sonic Satam to See 2 people become A couple and fall in Love,Kiss on the Lips, in Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command (Buzz Lightyear and Mira,Booster and Petra,Xr and 42),and Atlantis The Lost Empire (Milo Thatch and Audrey Ramirez and Vinny Santortini and Helga Sinclare)I Of would of been In Heaven and have Kissed the Forehead Of God Jehova and Touched the FACE OF GOD JEHOVA! I would have been flying and Soaring in the Sky for Years.

But I myself never got to See My Cartoon Couple Dreams Come True like Sonic and Sally Getting together as A Couple,An Giving that True Love Kiss on the Lips to Each Other Happy Ending. So again that brings me back to asking this Question to All Sonic Satam and Sonic Community and Sonic And Sally Coupleship Supporters,Approvers what have you,just what makes you want A Dream Come True of Sonic and Sally you,I Already have had get together As A Couple and Share that True Love Kiss. Well to me the Answer is A simple and Easy one to Understand and Take to Heart and Spirit,Mind and All My soul and very Being,it's this you like me Want to Have The Whole Dream not just Half,even though with me I never Got the Whole Dreams passed my Own Thoughts and Aching Need to Make it Happen in my Heart and Spirit,Mind and Soul, ect.

That said even with all this do you really want to see something through that will never Complete the Dream and you'll end up like Me Wanting more of Dreams you'll never get from Archie and Sega when it comes to ever seeing Sonic and Sally get Together As A Real True Couple let alone get Married to One Another,Ian wont do it and Archie dont want him and they would permit thereself to ever have it happen,and Sega will never Allow it to,so I say when it comes to this Dream your Prosuing it's not worth Falling over The Mountain Side in the Still of the Night or Having your Torch be Held so long you Burn your Hand and Arm, it's best to Go Looking for the Morning and Embrace the Otherside were the Light shines Along the Path and Way, by Leaving Archie's Sonic Comic For Good and Taking your Justice and Redemption to Assults and Attacks of your Hearts,Spirits,Minds,Souls by Archie Sonic Comic's Aching and Deep Pain,Hurt and Much Heart Brake/Ache and Nightmares by not looking back to the Archie Sonic Comic.

Sonic and Sally Aider - KJA - Joshua

September 19,2008 Friday Morning At 8:11 A.M. (2nd Hour)


Step Yourself Right Into the Knife And Give Your Heart and Spirit more Aching and Pain,Because everytime you read Archie's Sonic Comic That is what you our really doing.

Picture with me if you will that Archie's Sonic Comic is A knife,ok now see in your mind that Archie is coming towards you with that Knife (which is really the Archie's Sonic Comic) instead of you Avoiding The Knife Archie is coming towards you with you start Walking right Into it,And therefore Causing you A Stabbing and A Rupture to your Body,now remember this is on A daily basis. About 1 time A Day you do this when you read the Archie Sonic Comic, if Archie Sonic Comic would of been A real knife you walked into,you would of been Dead upon walking your Heart into it.

But since this is A Spiritual Propective were talking about it could take Aleast A Few Years before the Real Spiritual Injuries and Casualties,show up How do you know if you Have these Injuries and Casualties you ask? here's how you'll know,If you find yourself starting to Feel Alone and Abandand and Emptyness an you dont have A Love, A Right Aching, Joy and Peace,Completeness that no longer is there,and then you Start to get Apathy an Hate Towards,At anything Sonic Related and Liken outside Of your Love and Acceptence of Sonic Satam and your Love for Sonic and Sally and their Relationship Coupleship.

And the other things to look out for is A sudden and Unusal Change of Attituted in you towards and at your Family,Friends and even Loveones that really is the Revealing point,an if you want to be Alone Alot and not be around People and use the internet,your boards,chatrooms,video games ect. more than you usually do,an last but not Least if You Cry and Grive Alot because the Archie Sonic Comic is not Putting Sonic anbd Sally together after 7 Years then this is A sign you have those Spiritual Stabbing Wounds and Openings from The Attacks and Assults given by Archie's Sonic Comic, to your Spiritual Heart and Spirit Spirit and your near Death an taking your final Breaths,and having your last Heart Beats.

So you must Operate and do Spiritual Surgery on yourself real Quick like by you starting to Stop Buying and Boycott the Archie Sonic Comic for not Attending and Listing to your Cries and Grivings Asking and Pleading with them to put Sonic and Sally Together as A Couple and use the Freedom Fighters More,with A More return to roots Sonic Satam Nature and Approch and less Game Charaters like Amy and ect. If you our Feeling,Attaing and Expreiancing all I said you have Serious Spiritual Stabbing Wounds and have been near Spiritual Death.

But if you Repaired Yourself and did A Spiritual Surgery on your Spiritual Heart,Spiritual Spirit,Spiritual Mind,Spiritual Soul,Spiritual Alinement and Frame Injuries,Openings and Casualties by the Last part I said at the End there you'll Be On your way to A Quick,Speedly and Full Active Recovery and back to yourself in No Time.

Sonic and Sally Aider - KJA - Joshua

September 21,2008 Sunday At 9:00 P.M. Night (1st Hour)



Taking On The Last Sonic Satam Brick The Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Comic- The Agenda and Plan Of Sega Japan and Sonic Team To Outlaw And Make Sonic Satam,The Freedom Fighters,And Sonic And Sally's Love/Relationship

So far Sega Japan has been doing everything they can to Annilate and Destory anything and Everything Sonic Satam,an it grives me to say they have grown Leaps and Bounds in there Actions and Movements to Stop Sonic Satam,A Little Research and Time Line of Just What Sega Japan and Sonic Team Japan has Accomplished in Attacking and Assulting Satam since 1993-2008.

September 1993 - Sonic Satam Airs on ABC Kids,right away the Sega Japan's Yuji and Sonic Team Admeditlly Come Against it and Attack it's Sonic being Protrayed as Emotional,with A heart and Spirit to Love and Care,Reach Out to Others, and Varnible to Love and Care by Sally's Love/Relationship/Coupleship Ruining and Staining Sonic's Tough Guy,Strong Man Image by Sonic's Love and Dependance,Reliance on Sally As A Girlfriend And Leader as Seen in Sonic Satam, that they showed Sega Japan and Sonic Team at A Sega Inc. Meeting in October 1993.

They from that day seek to stop this by doing something to see it is removed from the Airwaves. Through A Inside Job somehow Sega Japan's and Sonic Team Men gets Disney to buy out ABC in 1993,this would not be known Until 1996 to the World.

November 1993 - Archie Sonic Comic Arrives on Store Sheleves for 1st time.

December 1993 - Sonic Spinball is Releast as 1st Game and only Game to Included Sally and the Freedom Fighters.

September 1994 - Sonic Satam Season 2 Airs,And Dic is told that that Sonic Satam will not Be renewed for Another Season because Disney will be In Charge of Programming ABC KIDS to Disney's 1 Saturday Morning.

1995 ABC Annouces They Will Merge with Disney Come January 1996 and that they will Axe Sonic Satam,USA Buys the Rights To Air Sonic The Hedgehog and Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog.

May 1995 - Sonic The Hedgehog Satam Airs it's Season Final Doomsday Project, Sonic Satam is Axed and Cancelled by ABC Kids.

August 1996 - USA Network Annouces USA KIDS IS GOING UNDER in 2 Years - USA Retools USA Cartoon Express Into USA KIDS ACtion-Extrem Team Adding Super Mario All-Stars And Mighty Max and Highlander -TAS to Join Sonic Satam From August 1996-1997 March.

November 1996 - USA Announces That Sonic Satam will no longer be Airing In The U.S. because Of Sega Japan Deal to Let Sega Japan and Sonic Team, Yuji Kama and his Team to Control All Sonic Rights and How it is Used.

December 1996 - Sonic Christmas Blast Airs on USA to Sign Off the Last Episode ever to Show and Have Sally and The Freedom Fighters in it.

January 1997 - Do To Low Sales Sega Annouces the Axing of Sega Saturn after 1998 December.

March 1997 - USA KIDS AXES RERUNS OF Sonic Satam and Reruns of Super Mario All-Stars and Highlander the Series,For Disney's Gargoyles, Greg Weisman and his Team Makes A Deal to take Sonic Satam's Place On USA Kids come April 1997.

May 1997 - Sonic Underground is GreenLighted As Last Americian Controled Sonic Cartoon it would not Included Sally and the Freedom Fighters.

In April 1997 - A Sonic Satam Couplship/Game Charater Relationship Poll Shows A Growing amount of Support over Sonic And Sally As A Couple ,At This Time Most Of The World Supported,Approved of Sonic And Sally As A Couple more than ever. Increasing More After the Sally Death Alert in July 1997 - causing Sonic and Sally coupleship Support to Sky Rocket from 53% to A Universal Lead,An this is Also the Year that A Huge Decine and Drop came for Support of Sonic and Bunnie As A Couple Worldwide,An A 1st Ever Increase Worldwide to Support Antione and Bunnie As A Couple from Sonic Satam and Game Communities.

Sonic and Sally As A Couple 65%

Sonic And Bunnie As A Couple 7% down from 32%

Antione and Bunnie As A Couple 56% up from 33%

July 1997 - Sega Japan and Sonic Team try to Take on Sally and the Freedom Fighters Annilation by A Story in Archie Sonic The Hedgehog Comic to Kill Off Sally,Do to Sonic Satam and Sonic and Sally Coupleship Supporters Protest and Alouding Out Cry,Sega Japan backs off but Releases A Plan B to Get Sally to be Removed as Sonic's Lover and Girlfriend by Sepreating Them for 7 Years,On an Off through out 1998-2001,An By Adding Mina and Others Woman to Sway Reads Away from Sally As A Love Intrest for Sonic.

August 1999 - Sonic Underground Airs and Premires for 1st time on Tv with not Much Support and approval from Sonic Satam and Sonic and Sally Coupleship Communities.

August 1999 - Sega Dreamcast Is Released Worldwide

In November 1999 - A Sonic Satam Couplship/Game Charater Relationship Poll Shows Amy Starting To Get Some Support As A Grilfriend over Sonic And Sally,but Still even with A Boost on Arrival Most Of The World Supported Sonic And Sally As A Couple an it seen A 2 Lead Climb in just A few months since Amy was Introduced As A Game Charater after Sonic CD
in 1993.

Sonic And Sally As A Couple 67% up from 65%

Sonic And Amy As A Couple 21%

Antione and Bunnie As A Couple 56%

May 2001 - Mina is Added to The Archie Sonic Comic to cause trouble for the Relationship of Sonic and Sally,St. Jeffrey Returns seeking Sally's Love and Hand.

In July 2001 -A Sonic Satam Couplship/Game Charater Relationship Poll Shows Amy Gaining no Support As A Grilfriend over Sonic And Sally,Still even Staying at 21% since 1999, Most Of The World Supported Sonic And Sally As A Couple,as well As Antione and Bunnie As A Couple Close to Equally,others Mina never gained any strength Diying out upon Arrival.

Sonic And Sally As A Couple 73%

Sonic And Amy As A Couple 21%

Antione And Bunnie As A Couple 72%

Sonic and Mina As A Couple 2%

April 2002 - Archie Sonic Comic Finally Puts Sonic and Sally Together As A Couple and set A Engadgement for their Marriage but it will be the Only and Last time we See this Between Sonic and Sally after March 2003,Plan C to finally Brake Up Sonic and Sally is Put in Action and Move by Sega Japan and Sonic Team.

April 2003 - Fiona Fox is Added to Cause Sonic to Be Unfaithful and Untrue to Sally Acorn.

May 2003 - Archie Sonic Comic Brakes Up Sonic And Sally's Love Relationship of Sonic And Sally,A Agenda to Make Amy Get Together an Make Sonic and Amy A Couple with Sonic Is Scrapped By Sega Japan and Sonic Team but put on Hold until November 2008.

June 2003 - Sega Dreamcast Is Axed do to Plummeting Sales and Boycotts Against Sega from Sonic Satam and Sonic And Sally Coupleship Supporters.

In August 2003 - A Sonic Satam Couplship/Game Charater Relationship Poll Shows Amy Gaining Some Support As A Grilfriend over Sonic And Sally,but Still even with A Gain Most Of The World Supported Sonic And Sally As A Couple and after them in just About Equality Antione and Bunnie that Saw A HUGE GAIN in 2003,This Time We Get In To Some Shock Waves with Both Mina and Fiona Fox Gaining Strong Support From Both Sides Of The Sonic Community in Sonic Satam and Game Charaters Supporters by 20 Measures Almost half Of that Worldwide Of Sonic and Sally And Antione and Bunnie Supportered and Approved
and Accepted,this for the 1st time Shows the A Braking away From the Old an Going to the Way and Law Of Sega Japan and Sonic Team.

Sonic and Sally As A Couple 86% Worldwide up from 73% in 2001

Sonic and Amy As A Couple 39% up from 27% in 2001

Antione And Bunnie As A Couple 84% up from 72% in 2001

Sonic and Mina As A Couple 37% up from 2% in 2001

Sonic And Fiona As A Couple 38% On Arrival in 2003

From May 2003-2008 Sonic And Sally Will Remain Just Friends.

July 2006 - Ian Flynn is put in as New Head Writer of Archie's Sonic Comic,No Change will happen beyond just Sally getting her old Hear Style Back becoming A little more Involed,Ian Goes Back on his Acclaring and Promise to Support and Return Sonic and Sally as A Couple in The Archie Sonic Comic AN SHOWS US HIS TRUE COLOURS AS A AMY SUPPORTER AND APPROVER AN SONIC AND AMY Activist,Game Charaters Only Activist, Sega Japan and Sonic Team Liberal Acts and Moves,An Dropping his Sonic Satam PRO- Sonic and Sally Coupleship Conservativeness. Ian Sells Out To Sega Japan and Sonic Team,Betrays Sonic Satam,Sonic and Sally Coupleship Supporters,Freedom Fighter Supporters

In March 2007 - A Sonic Satam Couplship/Game Charater Relationship Poll Shows Amy and Mina,and Fiona Dropping Fast in Hardly Any Support As A Grilfriend for Sonic over Sonic And Sally,but Still on A sad Note just before the Release Of Sonic Satam DVD Collection came out, this Year for the 1st Time Had seen A Huge Fall of Support For Most Of The World in their Support and Approval and Acceptance Sonic And Sally As A Couple now After the Support Fallout with Also Antione and Bunnie Almost Or Equally Tied with Each Other Worldwide.

Sonic And Sally As A Couple 79% down from 86% in 2003

Antione and Bunnie As A Couple 78% down from 84% in 2003

Sonic And Mina As A Couple 7% down from 37% in 2003

Sonic And Fiona As A Couple 8% down from 38% in 2003

October 2008 - Archie Comic Annouces that they will no Longer have 2 Sonic Comics Sepreate but Will Put Both Sonic Comic and Sonic X together Under New Comic Sonic Universe Come November 2008.

Now we come to November 2008 an I'll tell you now I know that Sega Japan and Sonic Team Our Going to Finally Take That Last Great Step to Outlaw and Make Sonic Satam and Sonic Satam Charaters and Sally and the Freedom Fighters Uncontitutional,By Putting Sonic And Amy Together As A Couple,Reguardless of what we Sonic Satam and Sonbic and sally Coupleship,Freedom Fighters Supporters and Approvers and Fans Want,you just Wait and See,It will Be A Shock to the Whole World when it Happens from Ian Flynn's Own Heart and Spirit and Hands for Sega Japan and Sonic Team.

Plan D will be the Last Nail in the Coffin For Sally as Sega Japan and Sonic Team now getting full Control an Authority of Archie's Sonic Comic as Of August 2008 I am Informed Of,that Sega Japan Now Over sees the Archie Sonic Comic Charaters and Stories and they will once Again Aim to Kill off Sally in the Comic,1st they will make A move to Put her In A Coma that will take Sally out of the Picture and when the Moment is Right,Sega Japan Will do what they Sought to Do IN
November 1997.

THEY WILL KILL OFF SALLY,AND THEN ROBOTIZE BUNNIE AND ANTIONE AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS OUT OF ARCHIE SONIC COMIC AND ONLY NOW HAVE GAME CHARATERS SURVIVE AND REMAIN Such As Amy,Cream,Cheese,Knuckles ect. You Have Been ALerted and Warned you dont Say I Didn't Tell You Ahead Of Time When It Suddenly Comes On That Day It Does in the Archie Sonic Comic.

Sonic and Sally Aider - KJA - Joshua 

October 21,2008 Tuesday Morning At 9:19 P.M. (2nd Hour Of The Morning)  Day

Is A Go Marvel Comics and Dic Will Get The Rights from Sega of America and Sega Japan,Archie Comics to Make their own Sonic Satam Comic Based on The 3rd Season and Other Seasons to Continue After Season 2's The DoomsDay Project Of Project of Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog Satam.
All I Can Say is It Has Been Affirmed and Confirmed Only! here 1st that Marvel Comics have been Given The Rights and Greenlight from Sega Of America and Sega Japan and Archie Comics To Create and Make A Sonic The Hedgehog Satam Comic to Be Based Soully on The Planned 3rd Season and Season to follow that Would of been Aired and Continued through the Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog Cartoon Starting right were Season 2 Episode 26 - The Doomsday Project Left off. Well now Sonic Satam Prayers abnd Cries or finally Answered and Heard.
Sega America/Japan have Both made A Agreement to Allow Marvel Comics to Make A Comic Called just As The Fans Call it Called Sonic The Hedgehog
Satam an it will Be Overseen and Writen,Scripted By Ben Hurst,Richard Seabisk,Andy Howard,Robby London,Lee Janson,Pat Allee,the Original Producers,Directors and Writers of Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog Im Said by my Announcers,
Affirmers,Sources,Reporters that work there themself I Know by Friendship an Aquatiance.
Sega America/Japan Marvel Comics will be Putting Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog Satam On Store Shelves Come 2008 Late November without Alert and Warning to Sonic Satam Fans As A Earily Christmas Present so Sheeeeshhh Dont Say I an My Affirmers,Sources,Reporters,Announcers of People Told You About it Ok.
The 1st Marvel Comic's and Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog Airing I Mean Reading Long Awaited Episode 27 - A New Age Of Freedom Comes but with A Price to Pay it will Continue the Acts and Events after the Doomsday Project Episode 26,It will Be About The Day following the Defeat Of Dr.Robotnik when Snivelly Takes Over with You Guessed it Metal Sonic and Nagus,But What both Sonic,Sally and the Freedom Fighters and Snivelly dont Know is DR.ROBOTNIK SURVIVED THE DOOMDAY PROJECT DESTUCTION An Is Coming Back With A Vengance and Attack In Closure not yet Know and Attain by Sonic and Sally and The Freedom Fighters but Just what is it.
This Action and Move to From Sega America and Japan to Change Sonic over to Marvel Comics and Return Dic to The Authority  and Command of Sonic The Hedgehog Satam was do to the Very Low Crashing and Even Plummeting Sales of Archies Sonic The Hedgehog Comic,that they were trying their hardest to Cover Up and Mask but no Longer Could when the Numbers started to Bleed and Get A Heart Attack from Loss Of Blood and Breath and Life and Love Spiritual and Mentally.
Plus Most All People at Archie Comics Were Angered and Upset at How Archie Was Abusing and Treating Sonic Satam Fans and Sonic and Sally Coupleship Supporters Approvers,Lovers and Sonic Satam fans in General,by their Assults and Disrespect and Honour to The Sonic Satam Roots that were The Alinment and Ground of Sonic Satam that Started with Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog.
Archie People were Quoted and Stated saying this - That The Action and Move By Sega America and Sega Japan/Archie to Give Marvel Comics and Dic The Original Sonic Satam Idea and Concept Parents Came At The Right Time but was Long Over Do. They Said it should of been done Years Ago when the 1st Signs of Anti- Sonic Satam and Anti- Sonic and Sally Coupleship Support Came In View and Light.           

Sonic and Sally Aider - KJA - Joshua
October 28,2008 Tuesday Noonday at 12:09 P.M. (1st Hour of the Noonday) Mainday
Warner Bros. Gets The Rights From Sega To Make All New American Sonic Cartoons,Starting with the Revival of Sonic The Hegehog Satam. 
Annouced Today at A Deal with Sega and Marvel It Was Agree Upon that All Sonic The Hedgehog Cartoon Rights will Go To Warner Bros. and Marvel this after Dic is no Longer A Company that Original Hand the TV Rights but no Longer Have Them do To Cookie Jar's Hostel Taker Over of Dic,that was not supposed to Be but did Happen. Warner Bros. Television Animation and Warner Bros. Animation will Air The Revival Cartoon Sonic The Hedgehog - The Fastest Thing Alive! in 2009 - It Will Be A Continuation To Sonic The Hedgehog Satam.
Still Keeping Sonic and Sally As A Couple and the Freedom Fighters,and Returning Dr.Robotnik,
Snivelly,Nagua, and A Few other Baddies,Warner Bros. Said They Have Always been A Great Fan And Supporter Of Sonic Satam as they call it in the Fandom and They Said They Live and Believe in Only Sonic and Sally Being A Couple and after them Antione and Bunnie Being A Couple,they Also Stated that this Sonic Cartoon will not Have ANY ARCHIE INFLUNCE AND ATTRIBUTE,MIRRIORING it is Going to be STRAIGHT SONIC SATAM.
October 28,2008 Tuesday At 12:26 P.M. (1st Hour Of The Noonday) Mainday
A Sonic Satam Couplship/Game Charater Relationship Poll Shows Amy and Mina ,and Fiona Our Nearing Death, Dropping Fast in Hardly Any Support As A Grilfriend for Sonic over Sonic And Sally, All over Most Of The World in Every Nation, in their Support and Approval and Acceptance,Love For Sonic And Sally As A Couple now After the Support Increase with Also Antione and Bunnie  Equally Tied with Each Other Worldwide.

Sonic And Sally As A Couple 99% Up from 97% in 2007 September

Antione and Bunnie As A Couple 99% up from 93% in 2007 September

Sonic And Mina As A Couple 1% down from 9% in 2007 September

Sonic And Fiona As A Couple 1% down from 6% in 2007 September.

October 28,2008 Tuesday At 12:37 P.M. (1st Hour Of The Noonday) Mainday
Sonic Game Players And Game Charater Accepters Both Give Sally And The Freedom Fighters A Olive Branch for the 1st Time Ever In Sonic Game History.
Among Sonic Game Supporters and Approvers and Game Charater Accepters, it seems that their is Now A Majority Of Them that would Accept and Approve Of Sally with Sonic as A Couple if she Became A Game Charater in the Games And That Is A A ASTONDING 81%.
Over The Ones That said they Dont Want to Support Sally As A Game Charater and that Dont Want Her in The Game,And will Not accept Sally with Sonic As A Couple if Sally Was Added as A Game Charater that was now At it's LOWEST EVER 17%.
November 27,2008 Thursday At 10:07 P.M. Night (2nd Hour Of The Night) End Day
Archie's Lastest Issue 157 Trail Of Sally Acorn is the Return to Taking Away the Great Attachment and Bond of Sonic and Sally's Love for Each Other,By Death do they part Once Part like they tryed and failed to do in 1997. - Part 1
By Killing off Sally the 1st Time Well their at it Again,and going at it in A Back Door Way and Action they our Making their Up an Coming MOVE AGAIN SALLY AND SONIC Satam Fans once More going for the Heart and Spirit with Ian Flynn's and Team's Partaking to Lead the Way. 
This time it will be By A Trail of Treason that I Know and Attain will End in SALLY Getting Sentenced and Charge to DEATH BY BEHEADING or Getting BURNT AT THE STAKE,HUNG,SHOT or what have you by the Acorn
Kingdom Jury.




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