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1st. Spiritualmation Is A Chatroom to Accord an Promote Spiritual Searches and Spiritual Walks and Spiritual Insights through Animation. this Chatroom is to Be A Chatroom Only to Accord or Talk an Discuss ONLY About My Spiritual Cartoons and Animated Films.

An ONLY for Finding Friends or People that want to be Part of My Spiritualmation to Spread Spiritual Seraches and Spiritual Walks,Insights and Journeys and Paths Through Animation and Cartoons. By Cartoon Charaters and Stories and Scritps in these Cartoons of Mine.

2nd. This Spiritualmation Is A Chatroom to To Bring out Friends an Find Friends an Make Friends on Aol an Facebook an Beyond. of the Spiritualmation Arena an Cult an Fandom an Community on Aol and Facebook an Beyond. that our In or want to Learn an be Taught an be Part of Spiritual Searches and Anything Spiritual Insights from Christianity on down. 

and Spiritual Walks in Animations and Cartoons even today they want to Accord and Discuss an Talk about in this Chatroom; of what they See and Hear in Cartoons Today an in the Past. on Tv in Theathers and Comics and Books ect.

3rd. If You dont want to be Part or Agree or have nothing of Common Ground or Intrest in Spiritualmation of My Cartoons or the Cartoons Series/Animated Films,Books,Comics it is in Today at Walt Disney,Warner Bros. Pixar and Dreamworks,Universal Cookie Jar,4Kids,DC,Marvel ect. then please I ask you kindlly find another room that suits your Type of Spiritual Searches and Insights IN the REAL LIFE.

as this was A chatroom I Created to Find Friends on Facebook that want to be friends that our into Spiritual and Light,Medival Times,Mystic Cartoon Series and Animated Films. such as Sonic Satam,Stormhawks,Dragon Booster,Silverwing,Skyland,Battle Force 5,Buzz Lightyear of Star Command,Atlantis The Lost Empire,Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Planet.

How To Train Your Dragon, Darkwing Duck, Mighty Ducks,Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers,Talespin,Pinky and the Brain,Freakazoid, Road Rovers.

Superman,Batman, Invasion America,Jackie Chan Adventures,The Mummy,Mighty Max,Highlander TAS,Mighty Max,Xyber 9 - New Dawn,Thundercats,Alvin and the Chipmunks. Secret Of Nimh,The Last Unicorn,An America Tail, Watership Down,Redwall,All Dogs Go To Heaven,Balto,

in the Like an Attributation of The Chronicles of Narnia,The Lord Of The Rings,Harry Potter,Indiana Jones,Superman,Batman Ways an Actions in these Listed Cartoons and Animation that in some part or another Attain and Show an Display at times.

Thank you for Understanding an for Acknowlegements of Sincereity of Respect to why I Aline/ Created / Made this Spiritualmation Chatroom.

On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. I might put a picture of myself on this page...or just a picture that I especially like.