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Silverwing Shade's Griving Room - A Rememberance Memoral Place for Grivers,Griving over Firewing !

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Silverwing Ep 7: Everything Isn't In Black And White [3/3]             Silverwing Episode 9: I'm With The Band [3/3]                   Silverwing Episode 13: Day Of Judgement [3/3]

Added Deceber 3, 2009 Thursday - 5:03 P.M. - Afternoon

Shade is One that was set apart, As both A book Charater an A Cartoon Charater in Silverwing - The Animated Series - but one things for sure, both had Spirit an Heart through an through.

When we talk about ones with A Divine Spirit an Indepth Heart in both Book an Cartoon Charaters, it only comes down to A Few of them that have come an gone through the years - some once A part of our life now gone to Be with God in Heaven , but our still here in Spirit with us.

others still remain Alive! that our still with us. Remember even though there Gone, what they meant an gave us,made us feel will always be with us an never can be taking away from us an our Spirits an Hearts.

somehow A part of Our Life will Act Out an Express through what we do an say, an the Lives,Spirits an Hearts we touch through the Time we our Given on this earth. I have seen Shade's Love an Wisdom an Compassion he showed an Gave to Mirina an others in My life Already, an it was in Actions of Love I Attained to People an Moves I Did to make it much less of Burden an Weight on them to Carry.

Like Shade I Carried them an I Reached out my Hand, an never Judged them for what them Were, but at the Same time I still Did not Compromise an Favor them more because they  were something Of Another Race,Colour or Nationality an Religion. that to me would be no more Diffrent then treating them Lesser or with Predjustice an Discrimnation. because then I would be being Predjustice an Dicrimnationing Myself an my God.

so I/You  Must  Seek Love an Wisdom an Have God to Teach me How to Use the 2 Edged Sword of Mercy an also at Times Judgement in Prayer an Action of Pray an Request unto my God/Jesus. that is all I can do, an that is the Same thing Shade did all his Life an with All his Love as he Lived.


God bless,Keep you,Aid youy all an give you A pleasent an Peaceful Night,Greater Tomorrows.

 - Shade Griver -




I Know How Alone Shade Felt when he Had to Part with Marina in Silverwing after she Found her Place.

[May. 13th, 2008|08:20 pm]

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 I Know How Alone Shade Felt when he Had to Part with Marina in Silverwing after she Found her Place.

I was thinking back to the time when Shade agreed to leave Marina with her suppose of Place she found to be the home she was looking for,back in the Silverwing Book,on the Part where Shade Felt so Alone,without Marina there by his side,talking to him,trying to out fly him,teasing him,ect.  Well know I know myself how Shade Felt,because with Shade now gone from our life,We all can say that We our without his Love and that We to want so much to Share our Life and Time with him once more,if we could just have that time and Amount of Days.
God Bless,Keep,Aid You All -

Love,Care,Understanding,Peace Shade Griver - Shade Griver 1 - Shades 1st Griver  



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A New Star In Heaven,Became seen by all,the Night you Died in Firewing Shade,no matter where anyone was upon that Night,amongst the Griving Appeared A Star In The Sky Shining down From Heaven,to Let Us Know you Our Always There and you will Always Love and Care for us Forever beyond your Death.

God Bless,Keep,Aid You All - Love,Care,Understanding,Peace - Shade Griver 1 


18 December 2007 @ 09:46 pm
I Am Remembering You Shade,All My Love.  
 Shade We Our Remembering you,Your Life,An Your Love,We Miss You Shade,
Wishing And Pray you were here with Us at this Moments {Grives} {Crying}.
06 December 2007 @ 08:45 pm
As The Snow Falls Here Where I Live I Recall A Time That Shade And Mirina Shared On A Snowy Day.  
As The Snow Falls Here Where I Live I Recall A Time That Shade And Mirina Shared On A Snowy Day.

I Recall to Mind A Part In the 1st Book of The Silverwing Trilogy - Silverwing were Shade was listing to Mirina - talking about her Youthful Days with here Family,when Mirina's Mother Taught her to Hunt for Bugs in the Winter,when Mirina was teaching Shade how to Hunt in the Winter for food. I was Moved by the whole Conversation Mirina was having with Shade an her Expressing,Actioning her Feelings,Griveances,Hurts,Achings with missing her Mother,an Recalling the days with her Mother - there is nothing that can Describe how I felt about that part in the the Conversation with Shade were Shade asks were she learn to hunt,an Mirina says,her Mother taught her to Hunt in a Sad an Aching Griving tone an speaking,that Shade knew brought back Hurtful Memories an deep Rooted Aching And Pain. I Know that Mirina Prayers that she could share those Conversations with her Husband Shade Again,More than Anything - Shade, Mirina Still Grives for you with Deep Aching,Praying she could hold you,Kiss you,Say How much She Loves you Again,An Aching Herself: to hear you Shade say how much You Love Her,Need Her,an Pray to God that you could be Resurrected to life to Hold, Kiss Mirina Again.

God Bless,Keep,Watch over you an Heal,Mend,Aid your Aching Hearts an Minds,Spirit,Souls,Over the Loss an the Passing of Shade our Friend,Brother,Father,Teacher,Preacher,Counsel,Guide,ect.      Shade Griver - Shades Friend

God Bless,Keep,Watch over you an Heal,Mend,Aid your Aching Hearts an Minds,Spirit,Souls,Over the Loss an the Passing of Shade our Friend,Brother,Father,Teacher,Preacher,Counsel,Guide,ect.    
Current Music: Peter Cetera 1995 - One Clear Voice
29 November 2007 @ 07:14 pm
I Can Still Feel Your Still Here With Us Shade.  
I Feel you here Shade with us whenever we Cry or Laugh,your Sorrow an Joy is in our Tears,your Love is with us when we Write,Act,Sing,Walk,Hug and Kiss the Ones we Love and Care for,in our Painting,Drawing,Poems - your always in our Prayers and our Among the ones that have Passed on we Thank God for that he Gave us for A Time to Share our Life with Shade. 

God Bless,Keep,All of you - Shade Griver - Joshua Morris
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20 November 2007 @ 09:59 pm
When I Close My Eyes I Can Still See You Flying Shade In The Sky Off Into The Sunset.  
Noverber 20, 2007 Tuesday At 10:18 P.M. Night {2nd Hour}

At night when I lay down on my Pillow I Close My Eyes An Still see Shade Flying in the Sky along with Marina,into the Sunset an Into the Night,I See An Hear Shade's Voice in My Head an Heart,Spirit, An A Aching Soars Within Ever the More to want to see your Face Again Shade,An see you Flying Free and at Peace with yourself,Just to Hear you Happy and even Sad,Just to see you even at times Angry an Mad at the wrong things an undone areas,standing for Change an a Better Life for All,If I could only see You Cry though Tears of Joy or Sorrow Shade Once More,To see you Fly so High Shade through the Sunrise and The Sunset,Through the Night in the Moon Light,We all Pray that we could spend just One More Day with you Shade.

So we could Tell you how Much we Love You,An what you have Meant to Us,did for Us,an Caused us to Do,Act In,Move Towards,Search An to Trust have Faith in what we were Searching Out. Yes we All can still see every Moment you Lived Through in Our Memories,An Hear every Second Of the Acts of your Life in Our Minds and Hearts, Lord I Praise you for letting us have A Friend such as Shade in our Life Times,that we for A Time could Share Our Life with his Life In The Silverwing Books Silverwing,Sunwing an in The Silverwing Cartoon,Lord I Acclaim you for Shade,an we all will Attain what you Lord Have Taught Us,Showed Through,By an In Shade  for us,we still see you Flying Shade Flying Flying in The sky, flying Soaring into the Night into the Moonlight please dont Leave,please Dont Go Shade,Stay,stay Please Stay Shade Dont Leave Us. 

With Brotherly Love and Understanding - Shade Griver

Gods Blessings,Aiding,Healing to all of you.
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Current Music: Linda Ronstaet 1991 off An American Tale 2 - Dreams To Dream
19 November 2007 @ 08:07 pm
Love Pouring Forth Like A Great Well For Shade!  

November 19, 2007 Monday Evening 8:35 P.M. {3rd Hour}

When you Died Shade the Whole World Grived,Moured in One Accord,With one Cry heard through out the Night and Day,Pouring into each others were the Tears Cried by the Whole World In every Nation,Every Race,Every Language Every City an Town, from the Homes And Houses,Apartments,of the Lowest Poor to the Highest Rich Peoples,

Some Cried for you Shade in Churches,Cars,Vans,Hospitals,Schools,At Camps,in the Woods,In the Country in the 

Suburbs,in the Streets ect.,no matter where all were in Our Crying we were at that moment all One People.


Springing forth Love as Deep as A Well for Shade when he Died,no sound ever heard or known well ever be As

Great an Impacting an ever Moving as the Love Of all Our Cries alouding out And Tears together Pouring Down all our Faces,this was Showing the Affect And Result you Shade Gave to our Love,Lives,An Hearts,Spirits, you Touched and Changed,Healed,Aided whe'll you yet lived,an even now after you have Died you Continued to still Touch our Love,Lives,Hearts,Spirits - We all Thank God an Praise you for having Shade be Created,Made by you through The Silverwing Books,an The Silverwing Cartoon.

With Much Brotherly Love and with Understanding - Gods Blessing And Joy Healing,Aiding in all your Lives.

Shade Griver - Joshua Morris


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18 November 2007 @ 08:53 pm
Taking A few mintues to Grive,Cry,Remember,Honour,Keep in Memory to Shade.  

Shade Griver - November 18, 2007 Sunday - 8:46 P.M.  Evening {3rd Hour}


I am right now taking A few mintues to Grive,Cry,Remember,Honour,Keep in Memory to Shade, Forever I will remember what you did for my life Shade,all that you were an did,said,caused,for me an all Silverwing Fans will never be Forgotten,an Unknown of, Shade we will Carry with us,all the Tears,Joy,Love,Care,Fear,Lonelyness,

Abandanment,Dream,Vision,Acceptance,Life we Have Shared,Known,Felt,Attained, through your Life an Love Shade,I Grive now,An Shead Tears in Memory of your Life Shade R.I.P. 1997-2002.      

Shade Griver - Joshua Morris

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Current Music: Richard Marx 1989 - Right Here Waiting For You


Silverwing Episode 4: Bat In The Belfry [3/3]

All In All if There Our Words and Statements you would like to say that great explains how Much you Apathy and Hate Firewing for Killing off Shade,An How Your very Ached and Hurt Kenneth Oppel Killed Shade Off In Firewing, what would you say about this Action and Say To Kenneth Oppel's Face about why he Broke your Heart,caused you Aching,Pain,Griving,Emptyness all these so many Years if you ever get,got the chance,moment to tell Kenneth Oppel About all you Feel and Attained by it happen In Firewing 2002.
Do You Ache and Grive for Shade Death in Firewing still,If so How many Years and in those years,how many Times did you Ache,Grive,cry for The Loss Of Shade.
Add You Comments Of Achings and Grivings,Statements,Words,Prayers, Memories, For Shade's Death Here,Thank You For Visiting Shade's Griving Room.
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