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New Hope Delieverance Ministeries!
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God Bless An Welcome to New Hope Delieverance Ministeries.
Praise the Lord im Rev,Evg. Pastor Lucky Morris -  Founder Of New Hope Delieverance Ministeries For God Jehova.
Me Along with my Wife Laurie Morris our A Healing And Delieverance Ministery - Where Blind Eyes have been Opened,An Deaf Ears have been made to Hear again,The Mute Made to Speak,Cancer And Aids Healed without A Trace of Aids and Cancer. - Legs and Arms shorter than the other Grown out to normal lenegth with the other.
God uses this Ministery also in the Gift Of Prophetcy,An Word Of Knowlege,Word of wisdom,Dicerning of the Spirits,Tounges 
Interp. to know about your life,what God plans to do with it, give to your Life, An for your Family,Friends an Love Ones.
This is the 1st time God has Lead me one of his Prophet an Servent to go over the Internet. An put this Page up, an share the Mericals,Healing,Aidings,Blessings people have been Given,Experienced an Abtained in this New Hope Delieverance Ministeries.
My Lord's Ministery New Hope Delieverance Ministeries that I only Run for God,for it is Gods Ministery 1st,an mine 2nd. 
Is In An Apartment House only by Gods Authorization And Command that he Wanted it so,Because God said to me,by having A Ministery in An Apartment House,he is showing his People that He is also in the Ministeries in Homes,Houses,Apartments, an not Just the Big Churches and Organizations.
Although God will have People to Come an set up A Small - Mid Size Church somewhere out of this Apartment someday, God said if were Faithful in the Little Bit he'll makes us Ruler over Much,so I will an have Been remaining Faithful in the little bit,so I know soon God will now make me Ruler Over Much in A Small Mid - Size Church.
My Lord's/My Ministery is Located In Grand Rapids Ohio - on 4th Street - Pancy Lane 23675 Apartment 1. Take East Of West depending on where your coming from -  If you want to Visit. - please call 419 - 832- 0236 for directions on how to get here,Or just Call Us for Prayer,Godly Counseling,Godly Fellowship, Bible Study,Word from God.  
You can write At Grand Rapids Ohio - Zipcode 43522 - 9836 - Address 23675 4th Street - Apartment 1. 
To send the Prayer Requests,Praise Reports,or your Tithes or Offerings God has put on your Heart,Spirit to Pay him that is Within your means.  
Or E-Mail us at
God Bless An Keep You,Lead you into his Truth And Holyness,Love,Ways,Paths More Always.
Rev,Evg, Pastor Lucky Morris