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Cartoon Aider Of The Unloved Animation An Cartoon News/Articals/Reports,Papers! Website and Blog!
November 28,2008 Friday At 5:43 P.M. at Evening (1st Hour Of The Evening) End Day
And Now Let The Apathy and Hate Towards CGI Animated Feature Films Start,TO LATE IT HAS. AN Walt Disney's Bolt Has Started To Affirm and Prove This; That CGI Computer Animation Apathy and Hate and John Lasseter is the one people say is The Cause an they lay The Attack and Blame,Accuse at his door for this well... It's ALIVE AND WELL AND IT IS PRESENT.
For Starters Let's look to Summer of June 2008 Dreamwork's Kung Fu Panda sure it was A HIt that Made A little Over 215M. but it did not pull in the SHREK 1,2,3, Numbers. And the Drops on Kung Fu Panda were worse than that Of Shrek and Mangascar 1,then there's Fox's Space Chimps,Fly Me To The Moon, and Minmerax's Igor and others including Underperformer Pixar's Wall-E all of which Could not Reach the 230 M. Mark. Where As A few Years AGO THEY COULD BUT NOW THEY DONT ANYMORE.
Can You Say People Our Tring Fast Of All CGI ANIMATED FILMS AND ALSO ANIMATION ITSELF. I SAY YES THEY OUR AND HAVE LONG AGO. But were seeing and being Actioned to it More now than in the Past few Years post 1996-2003.    
Believe and Feel and Know and Attain Myself We Our Heading Back To The Dark AGE OF ANIMATION LIKE IN THE late 1970'S AND Early 1980's,were Animation was Spit Upon and seen as A Road To No where and A Low Head Downer,An Embrassment and Shaming to Create and Make. That could not Generate and Account Cash and Money in Theathers our TV and Otherwise.
I Attain in my Spirit that in the Next Year we will see A GREAT TURNING AWAY OF ANIMATION FROM THEATHERS TO TV STATIONS TO Direct To Videos to Original Cartoons and Animated Feature Films By Walt Disney and Warner Bros. And Dreamworks and Fox Ect. GOING LIVE/ACTION MOVIES AND TV AND DVD ONLY. 
Soon Cartoon Network and then Nicktoons will Go More Live/Action and Do Away with Creating and Making ANY CARTOON SERIES,TV ANIMATED MOVIES,AND FEATURE FILMS YOU JUST WAIT A SEE and then you'll Know and Attain My Divine Gift Was Right.
November 27,2008 Thursday At 10:02 P.M. (2nd Hour Of The Night) Night

Walt Disney's BOLT says DOGDAMN IT! TO YOU John Lasseter for Making Me As Bolt John Lasseter's DOG OF A ANIMATED MOVIE An 1st Disney Animated Feature Under John Lasseter's CCOship and Exc. Producment COMES IN 3RD AT ONLY A 26.2 M. Weekend.


Lowest Opening Since Walt Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire and well Under Chicken Little's Opening at 43M. - Tracking was way off and the Hyped did no Good AN MOST OF ALL JOHN LASSETER'S NAME DIDN'T STRIKE WITH ANIMATED MOVIE GOERS Because of A THing Called Twilight at No. 1 and Another thing Called Bond James Bond at No.2 WHAT! Your telling ME John Lasseter's BOLT COULDN'T EVEN Get NO.2 AND BEAT BOND'S LASTEST OUTING YES IT IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

AND VERY GRIVING and ACHING BAD AND UURIFIC NEWS FOR SOON TO BE FRIED or FORCED TO STEP DOWN FROM HIS CCOship Postion John Lasseter and Edwin Catmull Presidentship Step down from his Postion to.




October 27,2008 Monday At 10:46 A.M. Morning (3rd Hour Of The Morning) Day




Warner Bros. Kids Network Arrives In November 2008 ARE YOU READY! because it is going to happen,an we have the Shedule for you Right Here of what will be Airing And Their Is Alot Of Classic Kids WB! returns and A whole Bunch of Other Suprizes. From What I have been Given this Change from Cartoon Network to Warner Bros. Kids Network will Happen Unexspectedlly and without Knowlege from the Net ecspect from here,were we have the Scoop 1ST Before All As We Always Do.


Well Here's The Shedule That Will be On Starting At Midnight 12:00 A.M. sometime in November 2008 According To What we found out From Time Warner and People at Cartoon Network. It will Be Also A Commerial Free Mostlly Station,but still Certain Parts of the Day will Air Commericals.


Monday- Fridays Commerical Free Mornings 


12:00 A.M.Looney Tunes /6:40 hours

6:40 A.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky And The Brain

7:00 A.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid

7:20 A.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs

7:40 A.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toons Adventures

8:00 A.M. Warner Bros. Taz-Mania

8:20 A.M. Warner Bros. The Sylvester And Tweety Mysteries

8:40 A.M. Warner Bros. Road Rovers

9:00 A.M. Walt Disney's Darkwing Duck

9:20 A.M. Walt Disney's Talespin

9:40 A.M. Walt Disney's Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers 

10:00 A.M. Columbia's Jackie Chan Adventures

10:20 A.M. Hanna Barbera's The Jetsons

10:40 A.M. Hanna Barbera's The Fintstones

11:00 A.M. Film Romans Mighty Max

11:20 A.M. Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog

11:40 A.M. Dic's Super Mario Bros.

12:00 P.M. Full House

12:30 P.M. Family Ties

1:00 P.M. Step By Step

1:30 P.M. Nick Freno Licenced Teacher

2:00 P.M. Welcome Back Carter

2:30 P.M. Silver Spoons

3:00 P.M. Universal's Earthworm Jim

3:20 P.M. Dic's Heathcliff

3:40 P.M. Mgm's Robo Cop - TheAnimated Series

4:00 P.M. USA'S Highlander - The Animated Series

4:20 P.M. Fox's Xyber 9 - New Dawn

4:40 P.M. Dreamworks Invasion America

5:00 P.M. Hanna Barbera's Scooby Doo Where Our You!

5:20 P.M. Mgm's Tom and Jerry

5:40 P.M. Mgm's Droopy

6:00 P.M. Just The 10 Of Us

6:30 P.M. Mork And Mindy

7:00 P.M. Warner Bros. Pinky And The Brain - A World For The Taking (World Premire) All New Episodes

7:15 P.M. Warner Bros. Freakazoid - Enter The Freaks (World Premire) All New Episodes

7:30 P.M. Warner Bros. Hunter - Howl Of The Road Rovers (World Premire) All New Episodes

7:45 P.M. Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny's Super Space Rabbits (World Premire) All New Episodes

8:00 P.M. Warner Bros. Wildy Coyotes S. A. R. - Spy Agent Runners (World Premire) All New Episodes

8:15 P.M. Warner Bros. Marvin The Martion's Planet Invasions (World Premire) All New Episodes

8:30 P.M. Warner Bros./Dreamworks Invasion America (World Premire) All New Episodes

8:45 P.M.  Warner Bros./Walt Disney's Darkwing Duck And The Saviours Of Saint Conard (World Premire ) All New Episodes

9:00 P.M.  Warner Bros./Walt Disney's Mighty Ducks Guardians For Puck World (World Premire ) All New Episodes

9:15 P.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Rita And Runts  (World Premire ) All New Episodes

9:30 P.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Tobby Danger  (World Premire ) All New Episodes

9:45 P.M. Universal's The Mummy - Emperial Dragon Team  (World Premire ) All New Episodes

10:00 P.M. Jackie Chan's J Team  (World Premire ) All New Episodes

10:15 P.M. Warner Bros. Superman Lives!  (World Premire ) All New Episodes

10:30 P.M. Warner Bros. Detention

11:00 P.M. Warner Bros. The Zeta Project

11:30 P.M. Hanna Barbera'sThe Hunkle Berry Hound Show 

Saturdays and Sunday Mornings


12:00 A.M.Looney Tunes /5:00 hours

5:00 A.M. Dic's Action Man

5:30 A.M. Dic's Jayne And The Wheeled Warriors

6:00 A.M. Mgm's Thunder Cats

6:30 A.M. Universal's Defenders Of The Universe

7:00 A.M. Film Roman's Garfiled And Friends

7:15 A.M. Paramounts Charlie Brown And Snoopy

7:30 A.M. Dic's GI Joe

7:50 A.M. Walt Disney's Darkwing Duck

8:10 A.M. Walt Disney's Talespin

8:30 A.M. Walt Disney's Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

8:50 A.M. Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky And The Brain 

9:10 A.M.  Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid

9:30 A.M. Universal's Earthworm Jim

9:50 A.M. Warner Bros. Road Rovers

10:10 A.M. Film Romans Mighty Max

10:30 A.M. Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog (Variety includes Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic Underground,Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog)

10:50 A.M. Dic's Super Mario Bros. (Variety includeds Super Mario Bros. and The Aventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World)

11:10 A.M. Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny's Super Space Rabbits - All New Episodes 

11:25 A.M. Warner Bros. Wildy Coyotes S. A. R. - Spy Agent Runners - All New Episodes 

11:40 A.M. Warner Bros. Road Rovers

More Shedules Coming Soon.


October 20,2008 Monday At 9:09 P.M. Night (1st Hour of the Night) End Night

Im Saying THAT'S ALL FOLKS! TO CARTOONS AND TELEVISION AS A WHOLE People,After Cartoon Network Refusing to Air A 2nd Season of Storm Hawks and Walt Disney Channel Ending Walt Disney's The Emperor's New School On November 20,2008 Thursday and Toon Disney/Jetix Still wont Return Darkwing Duck,an would still rather Air that Low Ratings,
Unsuccessful STUPID Ass Gargoyles that to me is SO UNFAIR AND SHOWS Particalness to The Creator more than the Created.
Since we and even the Fans Of Gargoyles Know and have said in in the Gargoyles Camp of Fans,out of their Own Mouth Gargoyles is  and was not As Successful and Achieving as SUPERMAN,BATMAN AND DARKWING DUCK,CHIP N DALE RESCUE RANGERS,
Hey they Said it I Didn't,so dont Come after Me,go tell them off for it,although I would not Agree with you telling them off.
Well You Heard the Frist half of my Sign off to Cartoons and Tv,now here's the Other Reasons,I see now it is Clear to Me that these Cartoons and Cartoon Stations want to Turned A Death Ear and A Blind Eye to Us Classic Cartoon Fans and Supporters,and choose to Air Only Anime,Teen Only,CGI,Comdey and Gross/Rude Cartoons,An not Allow themself to Create and Make Drama,Spirit,Love Relationship,Admence,Indepth,Strong,
Cartoons,Stories,Scripts,Screenplay then that Turns Me Away Running As Fast and As Far As I Can.
I Dont Stay were I Am Not Wanted,
Needed,And Love As 1 In The Family,This Is and Was Never A Home To Me and Other Signing Off from Cartoon Watching,I Have Only One thing to Say to The Cartoon Creators and Producers,Directors,
Writers,Animators ect. that Create and Make and Devolope these So CALLED Cartoons Today and to the Cartoon Stations that Air Them GO TO HELL AND GOD DAMN YOU!!! YOU STUPID ASSES,STOP ALL THIS SHIT You Create,Allow and Air ALREADY!
COMDEY/GROSS/RUDE CARTOONS. An That Is The Way I an Others Feel and Know,an Attain About It.    
October 19,2008 Sunday Morning At 8:43 A.M. (2nd Hour)
So Is SELLING OUT! CARTOON NETWORK AND CARTOON NETWORK SELLING OUT! The Way to Get Back On Top and Reach Achievement and Success Over Disney/Nick it IN NO WAY SHOULD BE EVER DONE BUT YET IT IS Being Done Now By Cartoon Network. 
Once Upon A Time Long Ago Cartoon Network Appluded and Pride itself in being A CLASSIC CARTOON STATION!!! with Only A Few Cartoons from the Present Airing Through Out Part Of Cartoon Network In 1997-2003 this would be our last Time we would see the HOLY Cartoon Network soon after in 2004 Cartoon Network Became SATAN!!! and A Unholy Person to ALL Classic Cartoon Fans and Classic Golden Age Warner Bros. and KIDS WB! Classic Cartoon fans. As Cartoon Network Removed Any Trace of Bugs Bunny and Freakazoid,Animaniacs,Tiny Toons and Almost Hanna Barbera Cartoons. And Now today look what Cartoon Network the once Loved by All People the World Over Cartoon Station has Done and Actioned of THEMSELVES DAMN IT!
They now Air the Lowest Piece Of Shi! and Made by A$$#0WS stuff that ever Could and Would Be EVEN CONCIDERED TO BE AIRED LIKE TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND? A TV PG Gross Out Cartoon on ALL Levels and Stages that Resimbles SURVIVER FROM TELETOON? And from what I heard from people that work with At Cartoon Network said that the Heads have found out that their is some Cheating with the RATINGS GOING ON TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND FROM A DEAL With The Creators and Producers of THIS CARTOON TDI TO Keep it Successful! and Airing on Cartoon Network,IT"S TRUE PEOPLE CAN YOU HONESTLLY SAY YOU WILL JUST BELIEVE AN NUMBER ON THE NELSON RATINGS REPORT YOU SEE? If You Do then YOUR AN ASS AND A Stupid Unwise and Unattentive Person.   To the Things Going On Around You Today,it is happen ALL OVER THE PLACE From Disney to Pixar to Warner Bros. an Cartoon Network to Jetix A Look At The END RESULTS FOR MESSING WITH RATINGS ON CARTOONS.  
IT Concludes with Finacual Ruin and Axing of Cartoon Stations Just look at Toon Disney and Jetix for Starters,and then KIDS WB! for their Lies about Pokemon getting them Money and Ratings that was Exposed to Reveal Pokemon was really A Run of Mill Fair Successful in its 1st 3 Seasons on KIDS WB! (1999-2002 but after Awhile Became A Failure! that went unspoken about to keep it going 7 more years by Creators Pay off to keep the Pokemon Flow and other Anime Coming in through the Pipe in The U.S. 
And then look at what Most Anime Under The Table Dealings to Up The Ratings with Most American Cartoon Stations President and VP Programmers DID AND HAS DONE IN ALL REALITY?
Notice how when the Heads of these Cartoon Stations that Own them,Run Them Found Out About This Uping of the Ratings of All Anime An Did SOMETHING ABOUT IT RESULTING and Activated IN THEM moving in A Activisum now AXing Out Anime in the United States!!!  I For 1 Say ITS ABOUT TIME ANIME WAS AXED OFF ALL CARTOON STATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. 
And the Same has been going on with THE TEEN CARTOONS AND MOST CGI Cartoons,COMEDY ONLY! Cartoons in THe LAST 8 GDAmn YEARS!!!! And it's Happening Again only this time with Teletoon's TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!!!  You MARK MY WORDS Cartoon Network is in for A Shock when Time Warner Heads hand them Pink Slips for all this Going on,ALREADY I REported EARLIER THAT TIME WARNER IS GOING BEHIND CARTOON NETWORKS BACK AND SIGNING OVER THEIR STATION TO WARNER BROS. TO CREATE AND MAKE IT NOW A KIDS STATION CALLED WARNER BROS. KIDS THE FLIP SIDE TO KIDS WB! if you ask me only now A New Name Warner Bros. Kids. This will Return BUGS BUNNY AND Animaniacs,FREAKAZOID,Road Rovers,Taz-Mania,The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries, PUT PINKY AND THE BRAIN,Eathworm Jim,Invasion America,Hanna Barbrea Cartoons and shorts,C.B. and Snoopy,Garfiled,Mario,Sonic,Mighty Max,Highlander -TAS,Heathcliff,Denace the Menace,Mummies Alive!,even Darkwing Duck,Talespin,Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers and Mighty Ducks,Ducktales,Gummi Bears,Bonkers ON the Air Again. It Will Be The Win All Situtation For All  Classic Cartoon Fans,Classic Warner Bros. and Kids WB! fans,Classic Walt Disney Fans,Hanna Barbrea Fans.
October 17,2008 Friday At 10:43 P.M. (3rd Hour)
Cartoon Network gets the Axe and Go's Bye Bye As Time Warner Heads Makes Cartoon Network Into All New Warner Bros Kids Network!
As Of November 2008 without Warning, it will take place ANYTIME, AS TIME WARNER SAID THEY OUR NOT Going to Go The Cartoon Channel way anymore but the Disney/Nick way of only A Kids Channel Mixing Live Action and few Classic Cartoons with no more support to Making new Cartoons from Cartoon Network Studios and Any Agreements and Deals with other Cartoon Parties like Canada/Japan ect. 
And they at Time Warner said they Have been Against Cartoon Network since the buyout back in 1996. So it was just A matter of time,that time is now they said to make this move that should of been done long ago. 
As Of late this Month after waiting for 1 year an 10 months, I Have be Acclered and Recieved this Affirming and Early Confromation from My Affirmers and Insiders,Reporters,Sources, that Time Warner will Make All Networks Warner Bros. Networks over Turner Classic Movies,TBS,TNT,Part of WGN America and USA,All of AMC,all of them including Cartoon Network - At 1st Time Warner was going to Merge Warner Bros. with Cartoon Network an Call it Warner Bros. Cartoon Network.
But that was before Toon Disney
got out of the Toon Channel Circle an Bussiness and Announcing and Confirming they our Becoming Disney XD this year in November 2008 halfway then All the way in Febuary 2009.
An soon it has been said that Nicktoon will be Axing out their Nicktoons Network this year in 2008 and going the Live Action/Classic Cartoons way to like Disney is.
So it is Becoming Reality that All Stations,Networks,Channels OUR NOW Returning to their Roots of Airing Classic Cartoons and Animated Features and Mixed with Live Action,Classic Movies and Classic Cartoon and Shorts and Putting to Death the 24 Hours/7 Days Aweek Cartoon Stations,Networks,Channels.   
October 15,2008 Wednesday At 10:20 P.M. (2nd Hour)

So John Lassester is at it again,I knew that it was only A matter of time,after Chris Sanders got fired everyone would GO! AS WELL, if The BIG Head John Lasseter and Ed Catmull didn’t like it. I say that unlike MOST John Worshippers (I Dont mean all of you,just some) I will put the Finger and Whole Blame,an Assult,Attack Of Words and Statements on John Lassester and Edwin Catmull for this.

An as for Glen Keane’s poor Health I say that he got THAT poor Health because Of John Lassester’s Roaring and being after him to get everything right all the time on EVERYTHING,Im suprize that Glen HASN’T GOT A HEART ATTACK FROM ALL THIS YET! 

O an in Closing I would like to say… (Im now being Serious and Indepth in the Last Parts I write because it is Close to my Heart and Spirit.)

To All those that our Sequel/Pretquel Supporters/Approvers Will all agree to this HAPPENING You mark my words the Day John Lasseter and Edwin Catmull Agree and Accept to Do Disney Sequels/Pretquels REGUARDLESS of what they said about Apathizing and Hating them, All those on that Day that said they were Against Sequels/Pretquels getting Made will now Agree and Accept it BECAUSE JOHN LASSETER AND EDWIN CATMULL NOW DO NOW! Want THEM DONE.

Look because it will HAPPEN SOON, I Can Feel it the old John Lasseter and Edwin Catmull our Braking down fast, look At Cars 2,Car Toons shorts for Affirming and Proof to that,I say if John Lasseter is willing to Allow Sequels to some of his Animated Movies then the next step is to Amend the Sequels/Pretquels Of Disneys but only Made more Greater and not by Cheap Cut and Dry like most were in the past.all though I myself Loved just about All of Them Myself.

You just wait, I’ll be on here and on the Pixar Boards on that day to Say if only We could of sat down and talked about if John Lasseter and Edwin Catmull would Agree with Creating Better Quality and More Standard and Innovative Stories,Scripts in All Sequels and Pretquels Created and Made by John Lasseter and Edwin Catmull Overseeing them, we could Agreed on this all along,as we seem to always have but never knew. As for The American Dog/Bolt Chris Sanders Fired thing,I for 1 am not Watching Bolt because it is my Grivance and Complain to John Lasseter for firing him. that’s all I have to say on that right there.

KJA - Joshua

November 15,2007 Thursday At 9:23 P.M. Night {1st Hour}
Freakazoid is Coming To DVD in July 2008 -
Mighty Max,Sonic The Hedgehog,Super Mario, Airing on 4Kids - The Game Station Tv In December 2008 -
Darkwing Duck Airing On Warner Bros. Kids and Turner Classic Movies,USA GX,Fox Advance In November 2008 -
Freakazoid Airing On The Disney XD Channel/ in March 2009 - Freakazoid to Return through Warner Bros.Kids, Mornings At 9:00 A.M. - Evening at 7:00 P.M. along with Pinky And The Brain,Animaniacs,Taz-Mania,Earth Worm Jim,Invasion America,Road Rovers, In A Retro Move going on at the U.S. On Warner Bros. Kids In November 2008.    
Darkwing Duck Vol.3, Talespin Vol. 3,
in November 2008, Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers Vol. 3, Gummi Bears Vol. 2  Ducktales Vol.3 Coming In December 2008 -
Mighty Max Coming To DVD In January 2009 -
Dino - Squad Axed On CBS in December 2007 -
Toon Disney and Jetix Removed,Axed for Disney XD, by Workers,Employes, Viewers Angry,Spiteful Complaints,Griveances,
Towards Jetix Block,Removing Toon Disney Classic Cartoons Darkwing Duck,Duck Tales,ect. -  Gargoyels Outlawed By Walt Disney's Toon Disney/Walt Disney  
Jetix being Axed and Cann As Of Febuary 2009 and Even Before 2009.
An Gargoyels Vol. 3 Axed,never will get A Release From Walt Disney Home Entertainment in 2007,2008,2009,
2010,2011,2012,2013 or any other
time ever.

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