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INSIDE ARTHA'S HEART,What Is It That Artha Feels,Attains About Kitt's UnLoving,UnAffectionate,Apathictical,Hatful,Lashing,Attitude,Nature,Motion,Towards And At Him.
After Seeing The Last Episode That Closes Off The 1St Dragon Booster Cartoon,Im Left Wondering Why Kitt Hasn't Accepted Artha Penn As A Man,And Not Just Treat,Use Artha As An Emotional Punching Bag,Emotionless Statue,Rock With No Heart,Feelings,Emotions.As Kitt Has Been Acting Towards Artha.
Let's see What Happen's In Dragon Booster Acadamey,When Artha,One Day Is Beat Beyond Life,By An Evil Woman,Working For Word Paynn.  Only Then Will Kitt Get To Finally See Herself,And The Way She Has Treated,And Abused Artha.
That Day Artha Comes Crawling Back From Dragon Acadamey,Bleeding,Aching,Diying Right Infront Of Kitt,Then Will See How Kitt Feels About it!". To Late Now  For Kitt To Love And Care For Artha. Now That Artha Is DEAD IN KITT'S ARMS. Leaving Kitt To Everlasting Tears,Crying,Griving,Aching,Pain,And Deep Hurt,Because Kitt Can Never Show And Give Artha The Love and Care,Kindness And Affection She Could Have Then,When Arhta Was Alive and Breathing.
Qoute From Journey Song- So Easy To Fall {1996- Trail By Fire} - You Say You Believe In Love An Still You Run,You Only Believe In God When You Come Undone.  So Easy To Fall,You Brought Everything On Your Self,So Easy To Fall,When You Our Alone By Yourself.
Added: December 30, 2006 Saturday At 8:03 P.M. Evening {3rd Hour}
Artha's Heartache And Aching Caused By Kitt's Woons Unlove And Unaffection,Apathic Attitute And Treatment,Actions Towards Artha. Has  Caused Viewers Of Canada's Dragon Booster To Return Apathy For Apathy And Hate For Hate,By Not Watching Canada's Dragon Booster.
After Viewers Have Had To Put Up With And Indure,Kitt Not Showing Love And Care,And Affections TOWARDS,AT,TO Artha After 1 Year And 3 Months,Of Being Lead On,By Creaters,Directors, Making Them Think,Something Was Going To Unfold Love And Relationship Wise With Artha And Kitt,Have Caught On An Have Turned Away From Watching Canada's Dragon Booster.Only 1 Year 3 Months -Only Watching Canada's Dragon Booster From October 23,2004 Saturday Morning- January 7,2006 Wednesday Evening. An The Few Others Left Watching Canada's Dragon Booster Stop Watching Upon The Annoucment Of Matt Hill Saying That Canada's Dragon Booster-Might Not Continue. On August 10,2006 Tusday Afternoon. 
That Just Go's To Show You,That Viewers Have Had It Up To Here With Watching Apathic and Unloving,uncaring,Unaffectionbate, Lashing Out,Rough Speaking,Street Attitude,Punk,Tough Woman's Actions,Treatment Towards The Leader Man In Cartoons Today. WAKE UP! ALREADY !""" CARTOONCREATERS!
TO MAN CHARATERS. IT's 2006 The Animation World Is Changing To Spirit And Love,Relationship And God,Life.
I see Your Finally Discovering That These People Dont Want Your Apathic,Hateful,Attitude,Punk,Unloving,Uncaring,UnAffectionate CARTOONS. They Want LOVE,RELATIONSHIP,SPIRIT,GOD,LIFE,AFFECTIONATE! CARTOONS NOW,AND ALWAYS HAVE Get It Through Your MIND,HEART,SPIRIT,SOUL.
ADDED: December 30, 2006 Saturday At 9:23 P.M. At Night {1st Hour}
The Whole Sonic And Sally As A  Married Couple Deal! 


It is beyond me why the minority sum of people out there don't want,Sonic and Sally together as A Couple And - Married Couple.

honestly,if people would just for a moment stand very still,and in silence just feel their Heart and Spirit,reveal to them under their false hate and apathy towards Sonic And Sally being A married couple,the Love that's there will let them know the truth that shows itself,is that Sonic And Sally our the ones over all the false couples,that our the true couple Divined Of Jehova To Be Husband And Wife In Marriage Someday.

Your looking at someone who was once himself,on the opposite tracks,hating and having apathy towards Sonic And Sally being a married couple. But I Saw The Light 1 Dark Rainy Night In July 2002,By The Love Shown So Grate For Sonic And Sally to Be A Married Couple, By A Man At Sonic HQ- The Sonic WhaMMy -Brain Sapaniki.

I told my Own Heart And Spirit,And Love,that night,that if A Man Like This Could Have Such A Great Love Unwaving,Unmovable,Unshacking,Steady,Strong For Sonic And Sally To Be A Married Couple, In That "Way And Action"!,I know this must be Real And Divined, Of Jehova To Love Sonic And Sally As A Married Couple Forever And Always For Eternity.

Since The Day I Been A Believer And Supporter,Approver,To Sonic And Sally Married Ship,And To All That Want Sonic And Sally To Be A Married Couple.

Added : December 30, 2006 Saturday At 9:41 P.M. Night [1st Hour}
Sonic And Sally For Always-A Universal Love Story.
When I And Others Think And Feel,Attain Of Sonic And Sally And Their Love For Each Other. We See 2 Roses In The Early Morning At Sunrise.
Gentel Rain Falling As The Moon Appears In The Clearing Of The Clouds At The End Of A Night Storm!
 2 Evening Stars After Sunset In The Late Evening.Sky.
 The Last Snow On The Ground,At The Turn Of Spring At Sunset. The Safe And Peaceful Shelter You Find In A Cabin, In A Blizzard On A Winter Night.
A Candle Burning With A Flame In A Dark Castle With A Soft Wind Blowing Against The Flame,Slowly In The Latenight.
The Light Wind Blowing Against The Beach Sands In The Late Afternoon.
Leaves Blowing Off The Trees Quitly In The Fall In The Early Afternoon.
It Is The Universal Love,We All Have Worldwide For Sonic And Sally To Love Each Other,As Husband And Wife For Always Into Eternity-An After Forever.Divine And Predestanated By Jehova For Ever- Always.
ADDED: January 3, 2007 Wednesday  At 12:08 A.M. In The Latenight {1st Hour}
Artha Penn Has A Life Like David Copperfiled Did!,No One Showed Him No Love,Care,Affection To.
As I Watched Charles Dickons  David Copperfiled On Dvd Lastnight,I Couldn't Help Thinking Of How David Copperfiled's Life,Reflected Some Of Artha Penns Own,Since Artha Penn,Just Like David Copperfiled's Life Gave Nore Shared Any Love With Him From Others.
While Watching David Copperfiled's Life Unfold,As He Remembers Back To Certain Events Gone By In His Life,In Days Past. From His Unloved,Abusive Childhood,To The Death Of His 1st Wife And Friends Death. I Though Of How Artha Penn Shared The Some Of The Same- Both David Copperfiled And Artha Penn,Were Never Loved,And Cared For By Others,Both Lost There Mothers When They Were Young Children,And Both Were Abused Emotional And Phsically,
The Only Thing David Copperfiled Had That Artha Penn Don't,Is a Happy Ending To His Life!   What I Believe More Than Anything Is That Artha Penn Is Incapable To Love Kitt Woon,Because Artha Penn Never Was Shown How To Love And Care For Kitt,Cause Kitt Turns Away From The Love.
 Artha Could Give And Show Her,If She Would Give Artha The Chance To Show His Love. But Kitt Never Gives Artha That Chance To Express And Show He Loves Her. An Artha Knows This,And So He Backs Off,His Love For Kitt,And Bottles Up His Aching To Love Kitt Inside,Given That Artha Is Never Giving A Reason From Kitt,To Love Her.Nore A Purpose To Return A Love Actions Not Giving By Kitt To Him.Back To Kitt.
Therefore Artha Is Drawn Away From The Attitude,Lashing Out,Of Kitt,That Is Not Love,Causing Artha To Not Draw Near To That That's Not Kitt's Love And Care Needed Of Kitt For Artha To Open Up His Heart And Reveal His True Love Artha Has For Kitt Woon. 
ADDED: January 5, 2007 Friday  At 9:07 P.M. In The Night {1st Hour}
Life For the Unloved,Never Tender Spoken To With Sincere Love And Deepest Care,And Given,Shown In Most Gentelest Affections Artha Penn-A Man That Has Many Sorrows And Achings-Ripping Through His Heart-Scaring The Very Spirit Of This Man- Called Artha Penn, 
The Tool Of Artha's Undoing And Annilation,Is Not Actions Done By His Enemies,Word Paynn,Or Even Mordrid,Cain Ect. It's Only Being Done By One Woman Kitt Woon-The One That Should Be More Than A Friend- An Isn't Even A True Grilfriend Friend And Friend To,"Like Artha Wants So Much",More Than Everything! And Anything!.
If Kitt Was A True Girlfriend Friend And Let Alone Friend- Then She Would Show She Is To Artha,By Putting Her Arm Around Artha,Pating Artha On The Back Now An Then,Touching Artha On The Shoulder,Once An A While Even Hugging Artha,An Kissing Artha On The Cheek-/Or Forehead Letting Artha Know It Will Be Alright ,Showing She Is There For Artha In Actions,Movings,And Not Just Words.
Kitt Woon Has To Learn That Apprecation,And Respect Is A 2 Way Street-If She Expects Artha Penn To Show And Give Her Apprecation,Respect,To Her-Then Kitt 1St Has To Show And Give Artha Penn Appreacation,Respect, Then Artha Will See That Appreacation,Respect Kitt Is Giving Him,And Return That Same Appreacation,Respect, Back To Kitt. Then It's The  Right Way- Love For Love And Care For Care.
ADDED: January 6,2007 Saturday At 7:32 P.M. In The Evening {2nd Hour}
Canada's Skyland
A Woman Like Hanako Is A Rare Woman,Because Hanako Unlike,Other Cartoon Charater Woman {Like Kitt.Malina,Others} Loves And Cares For A  Man Just For Himself As He Is. And Accepts A Man Without Change. And Doesn't Try To Change Him.
 Hanako Loves A Man No Matter What,Through His Ego,Attitude,An Self Pride,Hanako Never Judges Mahad For His Actions,Ways,Hanako Still Loves Mahad And Looks Passed All Mahad's Faluts,Arrogance,Pride,Ego,And Sees Mahad As A Man Reaching Out With Love,An Reaching Out For Love,In His Silence,And Unseen Tears,An Unspoken Words,To Hanako.
Hanako Knows That By Showing And Giving Mahad Love,Care,And Affection,Without Mahad Having To Change His Ways And Actions 1st,Hanako Will Cause Mahad To Change His Ways,Actions,Attitude,Pride,Self Ego.For This Is The True Way And Action To Prove Results. That Will Come About By This Perfect Love! 
ADDED: January 7, 2007 Sunday At 7:09 P.M. In The Evening {2nd Hour}
The Real 1 That Loves Mahad Is Hanako,Not Dehlia Cause- Dehlia Cant And Wont Love Mahad For Himself Even With The Actions,Ways,Nature Mahad Shows And Displays,Patrays Towards Her.
 Unless Mahad Crawls On His Knees To Change,Rearea His Actions,
Ways,Nature,Attituted To More Of Dehila's Like And Appeal:- That Will Have to Be Done - Before Dehila Will Start To Love,Care,Show,Give,Reveal Her Feelings For Mahad.
Only With Hanako It's Much Diffrent In Her Acceptance And Agreeance To Love,Care,Affection,Show,Give,Reveal Her Love For Mahad. Cause Hanako Loves Mahad To The Point Of Changing,Reareaing His Actions,Ways,Nature,Attituted An Then After-Loving And Caring For Mahad Before Change,Rearea,And After Change,Rearea Of Mahad.
In The 5 Episode Babalonia- Of Canada's Skyland - Hanako Shows This Loving,Caring,Gentel, Attituted, When Hanako Sees  Repeatably Dehila  Rejecting Mahad's Love,Care,Affection Towards Her. Hanako Then Deciedes To Show Mahad In The Open That He Is Loved And Always Will Be Loved.
 By Her- For Just Himself-Without Change And After Change. Also Hanako Kisses Mahad On The Cheek!!!'' And Hugs!!!"Him Goodbye!''. - Hanako By Doing This Is Telling Mahad That She Loves Him Sincerely And Dehila Does Not Love Him And Never Will Love Him. 
ADDED: January 9, 2007 Tuesday At 6:28 P.M. In The Evening {1st Hour} 
Together Yet So Alone,Wanting To Get Close,And Near Each Other-Still Artha And Kitt Keep In Their Love And Feelings For One Another.
Wanting to Hold Each Other In Their Arms,Hug,Kiss,Touch Each Other Lovingly,Speak Soft Words Of Love,Artha And Kitt Ache and Pain To Love And Care For One Another In The Open.
I Would Never Myself Be Able To Survive And Go On,Without Loving My Girlfriend
And She Wouldn't Be Able To Go On Living Without Loving Me,Hugging,Kissing,Touching Me Gentely, That Is How I Know That One Day Artha And Kitt Will Show And Give One Another The Love And Care To Each Other,They No Longer Will Be Able To Keep In Anymore.
ADDED: January 9, 2007 Tuesday At 9:56 P.M. In The Night {1st Hour}
I Believe Hanako Is The Kind Of Woman Who Will One Day,Go After Mahad,An Join The Resistance Pirates,Against The Spere,Once Hanako's Aching For Mahad's Love,An Voice To Be Hear,An Face To Be Seen Again By Her,Gets To Hanako Enough.
This Is Going To Happen!""",Because The Love Of Hanako's Towards And To  Mahad Knows No Distance Or Miles,To Keep Them Apart And Away From Each Other,For To Long.
Cause Mahad And Hanako Our Only More Stronger And Invincible And Abounding Together!", When Their Near One Another Feeling,Knowing,Attaining That Love And Care Openingly And Sincerely For Each Other Through That Great  Love!!!"".




ADDED:January 13, 2007 Saturday At 1:16 A.M. In The Night {1st Hour}
It Must Ache Hanako So To Be So Far Away From Mahad,Not Being Able To Dry
Mahad's Tears He Cries In Silence An In Closure,I Know Hanako Prays She Could
Hold Mahad Right Now,An Let Mahad Know It Will Be Okay.
I Myself Really Feel For Hanako,I Cry When I Think Of Hanako Apart From Mahad,
Not Able To Talk To,Live Out Her Life With Mahad,Share Each Day Together,Hug,Kiss Touch,Hold Hands,Speak Words Of Love To One Another,Just For Hanako To Be Near To Mahad. This Really Achingly Hurts Me So Much To The Core Of My Heart And Love. 



Added: January 17, 2007 Wednesday At 9:53 P.M. In The Night {1st Hour}
Aching Sonic And Sally Have For One Another - Is Seen In Most Episodes Of Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog -1 That Stands Out With The Top 17 Episodes-Is Episode 15 Sonic's Nightmare-Of Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog.  With In This Episode Sonic Has Repeated Nightmares Of Sally Getting Roboticized.
Althrough Out This Episode,Sonic's Dream Is Not Taken Serious Enough By Some Of The Others ... Until It's Almost To Late,The Real Point Of This Episode Is The Aching Sonic Feels And Shows Towards Sally,In Sonic's Thoughs Actioning Of His Nightmare Of Sally Getting Roboticized By Dr. Robotnik.
What A Love That Is Shown Here From Sonic To Sally,The Way Sonic Expresses His Aching,Pain An Concern And Worry Through Out The 1st Parts Of This Episodes,Showing Those Looks Of Greif And Angish on His Face-In His Actions,In
The Last Parts Towards The End Of The Episode.
This To Me Is A 1 Of A Kind Cartoon Episodes,You Don't See In Cartoons And Never Hardly Even See In Cartoons Today,At That Time,Or In The Past Before That. Which Is A Real Shame And Griving.
That Only This Cartoon From Dic,An Few Others Would Ever Show A Great Love Relationship Between The Leading Man Charater And Woman Charater-Or In This Case The Lead Animorphic Man Charater And Animorphic Woman Charater. 
{More On Sonic And Sally An This Episode,Others Of Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog Episodes-On Sonic And Sally's Love Marriage Aider's Website.} {And My Sonic And Sally's Love And Marriage Heart Beats Journal's
Added: January 17, 2007 Wednesday At 9:57 P.M. In The Night {1st Hour}
A Lamp Glows In The Dark Casting The Shadow Of Hanako In The Room,To Hanako The Light From The Lamp Is Her Undiying Love For Mahad,And The Shadows Surrounding The Room Is Hanako's Past Memories Of Mahad An Her Love,An The
Golden Days Of Days Long Past,When Mahad Was In Hanako's Life Their With Her.
Sometime The Past Events May Return Again People Of The Past Hanako Still 
Loves,An Make New Memories Of Love For Hanako And Mahad That Will Stay Forever On Into The Earth's Sky And Very Earth Itself To Remain Till Earth's End.  
ADDED: January 30, 2007 Tuesday  At 9:35 P.M. At Night {1st Hour}
Sonic And Sally's Sword Of Love- Is Used To Cut Away,To Reveal Their Love And Care Through The Wars And Battles Against Them From All Around,In Mobeius's People,To The Royal Family Of Kingdom Acorn. The Sword Of Love And Care Has 2 Edges On It.
One Egde The Edge Of Love,Cuts Away All The Assults And Attacks On Sonic And Sally's Love From People,Family,Enemies,Doubts,Regrets,Outcomes That Would Stand In The Way Of The Attaining And Proceeding Growth And Nurtering Of That Love Of Sonic And Sally.
The Other Edge The Edge Of Care,This Edge Cuts Away Harsh Feelings And Attitudes,Actions Of Spite From People,Family,Enemies,Doubts,Regrets,Outcomes,
That Brings And Yeilds All Under Acceptance,Agreeance,Of Sonic And Sally's
Love And Care For Each Other To Grow And Nourish,Increase To It's Complete Fold,Portion,And Measure And Acclaim.
Added Feburary 14, 2007 Tuesday At 7:36 P.M. {Evening-2nd Hour}
Seems That The Day Of Love,Today Valintines Day,Is Seen By Cartoon Stations
As The Less Inportant,Unmatterful Event,To Be Celebrated By Special Cartoon Episodes,and Made For Tv Valintines Days Animated Movies,Let Alone Cartoon Companies Should Release Valintines Day Occasion,Direct-To-Dvds Of Cartoons,Animated Movies.
 Dealing With Love And Care,Given And Shown From The Man And Woman/And Animorphic Man And Woman Charaters To Each Other,Through Their Marriage,Engadgement,Relationship,As Husband And Wife,Boyfriend And Girlfriend.
But It Looks To Be That Only These People,Would Rather Go All Out,For Halloween,Christmas, With Cartoon Episodes,Animated Movies,An Give The Finger
To The Love Of Valintines Day Showmendship And Expression To Todays Kids,Adults,And Youth,By Watering The Valintines Day Down In Cartoons,Animated
Movies And Just Plain Blaspheming,Mocking The Love And Care Of Valintines Day.
Only Some On This Earth Still Will Stand With Love,And Show Love And Care,Of A Man And Woman Charater To One Another In Canada's Skyland By The Love Given From Mahad And Hanako To Each Other.
Along With Dic With The Love Of Sonic And Sally They Show By Sonic And Sally Loving Each Other In Dic's Sonic The Hedgehog,And What Jetix Reveals Through The Actioning Of Deets Love For Ed And Eds Love For Deets In Jetix's Get Ed.
Walt Disney's Talespin - Baloo And Rebecca's Love For One Another,Darkwing Duck - The Love Darkwing Duck And Morgana Have Towards One Another Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers-Chip And Gadget's Love For Each Other-Dale And Foxgloves Love For Each Other. Universal's EarthWorm Jim-The Love That EarthWorm Jim And Princess Have For One Another-Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid-Freakazoid And Steffaine's Love For One Another.
Mgm's All Dogs Go To Heaven-Charlie And Shasa's Love And Care For One Another-Itchey And Bess's Love For One Another,Dic's Heathcliff-Heathcliff And Sonia's Love For Each Other-Riff Raff And Cleo's Love For Each Other-Phil Romans Mighty Max-Max And Bees Love For Each Other-And Some Others Of Cartoon Companies And Their Cartoons- That Our The Ones That Keep Love And Care Alive! Today,In The Past And
Forever On. 

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 Sonic And Sally's Love Remembered By Satam Dvd.
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The Real True Love Story Of Sonic And Sally Is Sonic Satam Not Archie's Sonic,I Keep Asking Myself Why Do Some People,Still Insist In Buying The Sonic Comic,When One Of The Greatest Love Stories Of Animation History;Sonic And Sally's Love For Archie Comics Ended Long Ago,Many Years Past.

An Please Dont Get Me Wrong,I Love The Fact That Archie Comics Agreed To Let Antoine And Boonie Get Married Finally,For The Antoine And Boonie Fans {Including Myself Being A Great Fan Of Antoine And Boonie As A Couple/ Married Couple} But What About The Other Side Of The Same Room,The Sonic And Sally Couple/Married Couple Fans.

- Our We Not The Seed Planted Of The Root That Grew The Fruits Of Sonic And Sally's Love/Couple And Married Fanship That Antoine And Boonie's Love/Couple And Married Fanship Came Sprouting Up From Bearing The Friuts Produced From The Same Tree We Beared The Fruits Of Sonic And Sally's Love From.

Can A Fruit Tree Survive On The Second Root Grown To Bear Fruit An Not The 1st Main Root Grown Of The Fruit Tree That Will Bear All The Fruit,An 1st Fruits To Bear Fruits After It,The 2nd Fruits To Come,No It Cant. - It Would Go Against The Holy Nature Of God Jehova; For Without The Fruit Tree 1st Planted By Seed,There Would Be No Fruit At All Grown From The Fruit Tree To
Give More Fruit Later.

Therefore If It Wasn't For Sonic And Sally's Love/Couple/Married Fanship,Their Would Of Been No Antoine And Boonie's Love/Couple/Married Fanship. Because WE Sonic And Sally Love Couple/Married Fans And Fanship Believe,That Sonic And Sally's Love For Each Other And Antoine And Boonie's Love For Each Other Our Of The Same Love,And Our Equal And One,Connected, Accored,A 3 Strained Cord That Cant Be Broken Made And Created From God Jehova.

So In All Spiritual Standing Antoine And Boonie Our Not Fully Married,Under God Jehova Yes They Our Married, And God Jehova Sees It's A Holy,Pure Marriage Of Antoine And Boonie In Spirit To Each Other An Themselves As Husband And Wife.

But In The Main Spirit,Where The Main Source
Of The Love Came From, In And Through Sonic And Sally's Love For One Another,That Concevied And Brought About,Produced That Love Antoine And Boonie Would Have For Each Other Later.

Only When Sonic And Sally Get Married To Each Other In Love And Spirit,Holy,And Pure Under God Jehova,Will Antoine And Boonie Be Fully And Wholly Married To The Main Spirit Of Their Love.
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