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AUCZKJA'S/Joshua - A Christain/Conservative Animator Blog
Saturday, 14 November 2009
AUCZORA KJA Holy Animation Ministeries A 1st Ever Christain/Conservative Animation Ministery - For the End Times and Revealation Age for God/Jesus/His People.

Additioned - Noverber 14, 2009 Saturday 3:01 P.M. - Afternoon 

An so it has come. A new Age an A New Time in the Alining/ Creation/Work and Plan and Agenda of God/Jesus to reach Souls in A way that has never been done, an never will be again.

atleast never done in this way, as there is an will be others that will do this with Animation and Cartoons for God/Jesus and his People, just God/Jesus have there own Way through me that is diffrent an with there way that is diffenrent.

both being set apart, but our of the Same Cause Action and Cause for Holyness/Spiritualness and Love/Faith and Trust for God/Jesus and his Holy Angels and all his Children.

 As for me I am A Christain/Conservative an I guess you could say that I am the 1st Ever Political Conservative for Cartoons and Animation/Cartoon Charaters and Cartoon Couples. in my Aniamtion and Cartoon Series I will address an bring out,reveal.

what A Christain/Conservative an Conservative in Politicis and Conservative Republicain or Democrat/Independent Politics would Live/Stand for in Pro- Religion Pro- Life and Pro- Traditional Marriage/Actions/Causes Issues would Address and Advocate in grass roots townhall meetings and on the Campanign Trail an Election Road,Political Speeches and Addresses.

but only in my Case it will be by Gods/my Cartoons/Animated Features/ Cartoon Couples/Cartoon Charaters - in this Animation Ministery it will also be the 1st Ever Animation Ministery that includeds Music and Publishing Based on the Actions and Life and Love and Relationship.

I Attain an Feel,Know about each Charater and Cartoon Series/Animated Feature I Aline/Create/Make an Produce/Direct/Write/Screenplay/Script/Voice Act/Animate ect. along with the People of the Team I will have brought to me from GOd/Jesus an his Angels. same will go for the Books and Comics I have an will Aline/Create/Make. as I Aline and Create and Make Gods/My Cartoons/Animated Films/Music from Books and Comics I Aline/Create/Make/Develope an Write and Story/Script 1st already.

until then I have already an will continue to do it all Alone if I have to till they Come an carry me an this Animation Ministery. well it is all in God's/Jesus will for now. I love you all and God Bless,Keep,Aid, you an all your families/Love Ones.

Posted by aiderfortheunloved at 2:51 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 14 November 2009 3:55 PM EST
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