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Thank you for Coming to this Website and Blog here at Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministeries and Animation and Music Ministeries. Gods Blessing and Peace on all of you an your families and Love Ones.
This AUCZORA KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION AN MUSIC/PUBLISHING Ministery/Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministery is Located in Grand Rapids Ohio 23675 - 4th street/Apt. 1. please feel free to stop by here an see me anytime Day and Night.
If you have A Prayer Request or want to be Counseled and Advise or Directed by God through me for your Life and Spirit and to Lighten and Lessen the Load and Weight off you more; by talking to someone about it, then please fill Free to Reach me on this Ministeries Forum or at My E-mail address at
and IM me At Age Of Light  7931 on AOL. an see if im on-line. if not drop me A E-mail. also you can Reach me in my Chatrooms on both Aol and Msn and other places on the Net - just look for Age of Light 7931 in these rooms that will be me.
that is until atleast I can get 1 of my own Chatrooms 1 up here. also you can reach me at Yahoo IM at AUCZORAKJA. my Yahoo E-mail address is
and soon at Msn Messenger when I get that up an going. for now though or if you want to continue with just reaching me on my Message Forum then that will be alright to. you do as God is leading you to do. I will have more later about this Whole Alinement and Map of What this Ministery of God's - Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministery is About and what it will be doing for God and Me and all of you soon.
Feel free to Call Gods and My Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministery;  Number anytime from Morning to 1:00 A.M. at Night at this Cell Number 419-494-3656. Please Leave A Voice Mail/Message an i'll get back with you soon after;at the moment I am not busy/have my hands full/an God/Jesus/Holy Angels give me leave to.
This AUCZORA KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION AN MUSIC/PUBLISHING Ministery/Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministery is Located in Grand Rapids Ohio 23675 - 4th street/Apt. 1
AUCZORA KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION AN MUSIC/PUBLISHING Ministery/Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministery Forum will be up soon and the Atonement For Our Transgressions Ministery Chatroom and Group as well. please check back.
God's Bless you and Keep his hand upon you an your Life Always.
On AOL IM Attained an Known by Gods Servents and Spiritual Sons and Daughters, My friends and ones  as AGEOFLIGHT7931- here is the profile at Aol please print it up; an pass it around to let others know about Gods/My AUCZORA KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION AN MUSIC/PUBLISHING MinisteryAtonement For Our Transgressions Ministeries. thank you -
God Jehova Has Called Me Into A Holy/Christain Animation Ministery. That Is A Ministery For God Of His Word And A Ministery For Holy Animation For all People,Kids And Grown Ups of all Ages. - That Shows His Holyness,Love,Mercy,Grace, Justice,Rightousness with All Purity an Honour,Glory.
People Need Holy,Godly,Cartoons today,I mean with All these Unholy,Unfaithful,UnGodly,Anti- Christ,Cartoons An Animes Today.
I know it is all more the Reason to give God his Do with Cartoons an Animation he never had Given by people in the Animation Filed Today,On Tv,Dvd,In Theathers,on Cds,An Even Radio an Internet,In Comics,An Video Games - Glory To God - Thank You Jesus Forever.
I have in recent Years Got fed up with Tv Cartoons,Dvds,Animated Feature Films,Internet Cartoons, Comics - It was always Comdey,Flesh More,Never Seriousness,Spirit hardly at All except A few that Stood Out as Wheat,Gold among the rest of the cartoons that were Tares,Coals.
You can see it alittle at a time, in it's Alinement God Jehova is making it into.
Right now God Jehova's/My AUCZORA  KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION MINISTERY For God is in the Making an it's 1st stages of Gods
Creation of it.
If you want to be Apart,An Or Contribute of this Alinement And Platforming Of God Jehova's/My 
Auczora King Joshua Holy Animation Ministeries. By Connecting and Attaching your own Animation Ministery or Wantiing to Make your Cartoon Series/Animated Films and Charaters be A part of God's/My Animation Ministery. 
an God/Jesus/Holy Angels is speaking to you in your spirit or heart,or mind,thoughts or feelings,attainings inside you to do so; then please apply an obey him an join up your Animation Ministery with mine here at AUCZORA KING JOSHUA HOLY MINISTEREY - you can still remain Solo with Your Animation Ministery/Company; an Have your Cartoon Series/Animated Feature Films/Charaters be all yours.
All God an I ask of you is to have us be the Presenter and carry the AUCZORA KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION MINISTERY SEAL AFTER YOUR Cartoons/Animated Films Air and at Cerdits End/on your Dvds/Videos. that is all God wants also God only wants A 7% cut in all your Cartoons/Animated Films an Franchizies once you our fully set up in your Animation Ministery.
but until your on your feet an going you will not have to give anything more than your time an prayers an support only with the amount God will put on your Spirit an Heart to give him for this Animation Ministery.
an God an I will do all I can with the Amount of Money that I will be more than Happy to help you.assist you with an your Animation Ministery. we our after all 1 Body an of 1 same Spirit in Christ Amen!.
Please for God Jehova,In showing your Love,Care, 
Give This Ministery Of God Jehova's - What God Has Put On My Heart,Spirit in Prayer to Ask Only Of You My Friends - You can send even just A penny,nickle,dime,25 cents,50 cents,75 cents,Or Just $1.00 Dollar, $2.00 Dollars - $ 3.00 Dollars,$5.00 Dollars,$7.00 Dollars,$9.00 Dollars 3 times A Month.
Or free will offering of what God puts on your heart to give , 2 times A Month. - That will go towards this AUCZORA  KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION MINISTERY.  As A Support,Carrying,Upholding To God Jehova Through AUCZORA  KING JOSHUA HOLY ANIMATION MINISTERY In Me An God Jehova's/My Parents Ministery New Hope
Delieverance Ministeries . 
God Bless,Keep,Aid,Heal, All of You my Friends And Brothers an Sisters In The Lord Jesus And God Jehova,Holy Spirit An Thanks.  
Please feel free to Visit my Blog - AUCZKJA'S/ Joshua A Christain/Conservative Animator Blog - anytime an commet,ask questions about Info/Pressreleases/Articals/News about Gods/My Auczora King Joshua Cartoon Series/Animated Films/Features/Cartoon Couples/Cartoon Charaters here at -  

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